Members of the group B.I.G. showed off their talking skills by appearing on the radio of Benji.

The Arirang radio "Music Access," which aired on April 17 and 24, featured DJ Benji and other members of the same group.

B.I.G. greeted listeners through the "IDOL CLASS" section and continued to communicate in English, as it is a broadcast heard by listeners all over the world who love K-pop, to make everyone smile.

At the end of the show, the members said that “We are busy for preparing a concert in Osaka on May 9. The Global Cover Project, which you have responded to, is also preparing a cover song for Japan. I hope you'll look forward to this performance as well as the cover,", raising expectations for them, which will serve the entire world as a stage.

By starting "Global Cover Project," which communicates with K-pop fans around the world, the video covered "La Bezzaf" by The Five and "3 Daqat" by Abu, both of which showed off steam that recorded 2.8 million views.

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