Apink Jung Eun ji and 10cm Kwon Jung yeol predicted a special duet, attention is focus on on the unveiled a 30-second pre-listening.

The agency, Play M Entertainment, unveiled a preview of Jung Eun ji's new song "Be with me" on their official fan cafe and SNS channel at midnight on April 26.

In about 36-seconds of video, Jung Eun ji and 10cm Kwon Jeong yeol appeared in the recording studio. The two of them boast high end vocals, performed live, entertaining their ears with solid skills and soft tones. With their fantastic chemistry, they created a sweet spring atmosphere that matched their songs and melodies, raising hopes for new songs.

In addition, Jung Eun ji is said to have produced her own new song and captured her own bright and warm music color. Jung Eun ji has revealed her skills as a singer-songwriter by producing all of her last mini-third album "Hyehwa," raising expectations for the new song even higher.

Jung Eun ji and Kwon jeong yeol's new song "Be with Me" was released on April 30.

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