[The Fact] The idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR, operate by The Fact, has opened a birthday support for singer and actor Ji yeon.

FAN N STAR opened supporting Ji yeon's birthday on May 10. Fans are already enjoying a flurry of participation with electronic display board support to celebrate his birthday on June 7.

The FAN N STAR will screen advertisements for the square column of Hapjeong Station when 50,000 stars (point concepts that can be collected in a site) are reached. If the star reaches 100,000, the movie will be shown through advertisements on the wall of Gangnam Station, and if the star reaches 200,000, the movie will be shown through 43 large screens in waiting Room on Subway Line No. 2 in Seoul.

If 400,000 stars are reached, advertising on Apgujeong CGV screens will be added, and advertisements for multivision in Hongdae will be added when 700,000 are reached. If it reaches 1 million stars, it is a special support that can screen a total of six advertisements, in addition to advertisements for the travel bus.

Ji yeon debuted as the group T-ara in 2009 and was loved for her numerous hits, including "Lies," "Crazy Because of You" and "Roly Poly."

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