MONSTA X proved their global popularity by selling out all the fan concerts in Japan.

Monsta X's fan concert was scheduled to be held six times in a total of five cities, beginning with Yokohama, Japan on April 27, Kyoto on April 29 to 30, Fukuoka on May 2, Okayama on May 3 and Nagoya on May 5, but added an emergency concert in Tokyo on June 6 as all seats were sold out.

Monsta X has added a concert in Tokyo, heralding a meeting with Japanese fans in "2019 JAPAN FAN CONCERT" six cities.

Starting with their Japanese debut single "HERO" in 2017, they had hit various local charts, including Oricon, Tower Records and Billboard Japan, for each single and album that releases their recently released single "Shoot Out," and has garnered three "gold discs" that are only given to singles sold more than 100,000 units there. In addition, they were a representative of Korean idol groups at SUMMMER SONIC 2017 (SUMMER SONIC 2017), demonstrated his status in Japan, and showed off the power of the global trend by selling out his first live tour .

MONSTA X held the "2019 JAPAN FAN CONCERT "PICNIC" concert, which will cover six local cities starting with Yokohama, Japan, on the April 27th.

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