TWICE has sold more than 3.75 million albums in Korea.

TWICE released their mini album "THE STORY BIGINS" with the title track "OOH-AHH" on Oct. 20, 2015 and appeared in the K-pop scene after three and a half years since their debut, surpassing 3.75 million albums sold in Korea.

The seventh mini album "FANCY YOU," released on April 22, recorded 314,323 copies on April 25 and has added about 3.44 million copies of the previous album through efforts to release 12 copies since their debut, surpassing 3.75 million in accumulated album sales.

In addition, TWICE has sold more than 6 million copies in accumulated album sales between Korea and Japan.

The company is solidifying its status as an "Asian one-top girl group," with an accumulated sales volume of about 2.38 million albums released in Japan with 3.75 million Korean records.

TWICE is loved by many fans with their new album title track “FANCY."

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