[The Fact] The idol weekly ranking website FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, successfully supported singer IU's birthday and unveiled an electronic display board showing in South Korea and Japan.

FAN N STAR released IU's birthday celebration video on April 16, which is being shown on the subway's electronic display board on Seoul Line 2. On April 12, FAN N STAR opened IU's birthday celebration event and achieved 300 percent. This confirmed ads for electronic display boards and Apgujeong CGV screens at 43 subway stations on Seoul's No. 2 subway line from May 14 to 20.

The released video lists the messages and photos of the fans who participated in the IU support.

The nick name ‘지은바라기 1004’ said “Happy birthday Ji eun! I will always cheer for you and love you!” nick name 'dlwlrma0516' said “IU, Thanks for the good songs and I’ll always cheer for you!”

Nick name ‘삼색냥’ said “Ji eun! Please keep your activities at music scene! We all love you!” nick name ‘밀짚’ said “Thank you! I fell so happy when its your Birthday on May 16! Happy Birthday!” and nick name ‘유애나범’ said “Happy Birthday IU!”

IU starred in Netflix's "Persona," which opened on April 11.

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