VIXX Ravi mesmerized Asian fans.

Ravi held solo concerts in Taipei, Taiwan, on April 6 and Tokyo, Japan on April 28, respectively, under the titles ‘RAVI 3rd REAL-LIVE [R.OOK BOOK] IN TAIPEI,’ ‘RAVI 3rd REAL-LIVE in Japan [R.OOK BOOK]’. Starting with South Korea in March, he wrapped up the Asian concert tour that led to Taiwan and Japan.

Ravi made a strong opening performance with the song "R.OOK BOOK" from his second mini album and the title track "TUXED." He mesmerized local fans with colorful and rich performances such as "Lucid Dream," "Pavlov’s Dog," "Boiling Point" and "WHERE AM I."

In addition, the album "HOODIE (Feat. Xydo, Raf Sandou," a mini-album that focuses on Ravi's identity, captured the atmosphere with stylish and stylish performances such as "RUNWAY," "L.A.Y.E.R.E.D. (Fe. SAY)" and more.

Ravi actively communicated with local fans by giving greetings in the local language. He also spent a special time getting closer to his fans by introducing solo concerts and albums and telling them how he has been doing.

Ravi captivated fans in Taiwan and Japan after Seoul, expressed his sincere gratitude to the fans for making the show more perfect, pledging to meet next time.

Following concerts in Seoul, Taiwan and Japan, VIXX Ravi will continue the hot heat with his tour of the Americas from May to New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles.

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