Son Dong woon’s solo concert [The Orchistra] has been successfully finished.

Son Dong woon held a solo concert [The Orchestra] at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangnaru on April 27 and 28 to warm the hearts of fans who visited the concert.

Son Dong woon opened the concert with his digital single album [proud: Voice] title track "There’s No Eternity," filled the concert hall with sweetness in a short time, singing "When the Door is Closed" one after another. Then, after a brief greeting with fans, the band's live addition to the energetic melodies of "I ll give you my all,""Crecendo" and"Universe" added to the concert's heat.

Son Dong woon said, "The last group concert, Winter, is about to pass and spring and summer are about. I like winter the most among the seasons. As a result, I became warm as I agonized and worked on the inspiration I got in the winter, and the album came out," while enthusiastically singing "First Sad Ending" and "Today" to stimulate the emotions of listeners.

His lively band, grand orchestra, and sweet vocals made the concert even more special, In response, fans filled the stage with Son   Dong woon, making it as a precious memory.

Son Dong woon joined the army on May 9 after his last solo concert [The Orchestra].

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