Five-member new girl group BVNDIT wrapped up their four-week debut.

The agency MNH Entertainment said “BVNDIT successfully made debut album activity after appearing on a music show scheduled for this week,"
BVNDITtook their first step in the K-pop scene by releasing first album "BVNDIT, BE AMBITIOUS!" on April 10, has been active in many ways with their title track "Hocus Focus" for about four weeks.

BVNDIT has drawn much attention even before their debut as MNH Entertainment's first girl group, showed off their stable live performance and perfect performance without aany mistakes, as if it were living up to expectations.

Combined with the high-quality performance created by the overwhelming amount of hard practice, differentiating from other rookie groups, and the joy of the members, BVNDIT has managed to win the hearts of countless fans.

BVNDIT joined the ranks of mainstream rookie girl groups through their first album activity, plans to speed up preparations for their next album after completing all remaining activities.

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