GOT7 Jackson has re-certified the popularity as a "Global Star" after receiving a love call from the global luxury brand Cartier.

Recently, Jackson attended the Cartier's Latest Jewelry event in Shanghai, China, at the invitation of Cartier's.
At the event, Jackson performed his signature songs "Papillon" and "Fendiman" and showed off his unrivaled energy.Jackson wore a deep blue velvet suit and displayed a strong presence from the start, followed by a powerful stage with casual fashion, which was well-received as "the best fashion and best music have matched."
Jackson is recognized for his "Global Fashionista" appeal for his unique charm and unusual fashion style.

As well as meeting with the latest "Cartier," he is proving his popularity and reputation by serving as a model for famous global brands such as "Adidas" and "Fendi."
Jackson released his new solo song "Oxygen" on 12 and showed his step-up, grabbing the attention of fans at home and abroad.Oxygen is a song that Jackson wrote, composed and arranged himself, harmonizing the dreamy sound with Jackson's charismatic rapping.The music video is mesmerizing fans from home and abroad.

The group of Jackson, GOT7 will return with their new album "SPINNING TOP" on May 20, and will start their 2019 world tour in June.

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