After three and a half years, iKON held a nationwide fan meeting in Japan and started building memories with fans.

iKON hosted "iKON FAN MEETING 2019" at Nagoya "Forrest Hall" in Japan over the past 28th, 29th and two days, and held meetings with about 2,000 Japanese fans.
iKON told Nagoya fans "Nagoya is always healing because there are so many good things to eat,Ireallt look forward to this fan meeting.”
The iKON fan meeting was hosted by several sections of "Meguru," a famous radio DJ.

In the live section, the iKON led to a huge response with the Japanese version of "GOODBYE ROAD" which was introduced for the first time in Japan. Especially, ‘Love Scenario' and the last song 'Wind' made the fan meeting just like a concert hall.

The iKON marked the first start of Japan's national fan meeting in Nagoya, met Japan's "iKON FANET" fans in five Japanese cities, including the Kobe World Memorial Hall in Hyogo, the Chiba Ichikawashi Cultural Center on May 4, Saitama Oomiya Sonic City on May 5-6, and Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall on May 24 and 25.

The iKON is also set to "iKON JAPAN TOUR 2019" starting in July. Starting with Fukuoka on July 27 and 28, the tour will host 14 performances in six cities across the country, starting with Kobe on Aug. 9 and 11, Nagoya on Aug. 21 and 23, Miyagi on Aug. 25, Chiba on Sept. 7 and 8 and Osaka on Sept. 18 and 19.

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