The Stray Kids communicated with some 7,000 audiences on the Manila tour of overseas showcase, proving the growth of "global K-pop idols."

Stray Kids hosted UNVEIL TOUR 'I am...' on overseas showcase tour at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines on April 27. The Manila performance drew heated headlines for the biggest-ever overseas showcase of the Stray Kids

The Stray Kids mesmerized fans by presenting the side of "K-pop Trendol" through various performances. In response, local Stay (Fandom name) organized various fan events such as slogan events and surprise fan videos to impress the members of Stray Kids.

During the showcase performance, the members of the Stray Kids expressed their sympathy for the Philippines earthquake and communicated with local fans by their teared eyes.

Starting with Thailand on Jan. 19, the Stray Kids are holding their first overseas showcase tour and meeting with global fans. They have completed performances in Jakarta, Melbourne, Sydney and Manila and will continue their tour in three U.S. cities from May with four performances.

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