The icon of the Teen Crush, group WekiMeki will make a surprise comeback in May, with releasing their second single.

WekiMeki posted a surprise video of a "coming-up teaser" throughtheir official SNS channel on April 29, announcing their comeback.
The released coming-up teaser image captures the eyes of viewers with a combination of pink and yellow colors that feels cheerful.Among the messages, the mysterious messages "FESTIVAL," "LOCK END LOL," "LET'S WITH US!" and "WEKIMEKI SCHOOL" raising curiosities about WekiMeki's upcoming album and raising expectations for their comeback.

WekiMeki debuted in 2017, has garnered the highest sales of a single album among new girl groups, drawing attention upon their debut.The minisecond album "Lucky," released in February last year, captivated fans with their upgraded, confident and free-spirited teencrush charm, while "KISS, KICKS," released in October of the same year, showcased Lovely Teen Crush.Fans are paying keen attention to their comeback after the news broke that WekiMeki has been recognized for their potential growth by digesting such diverse charms, is releasing their second single in about seven months.

The agency Fantagio Music said “The icon of the teen crush, WekiMeki will release their second single in about seven months. Starting with the "Coming Up" teaser, we are planning to release the contents of the album sequentially. With this album, you will be able to feel the fullest of WekiMeki's powerful and imposing charms. Please look forward to WekiMeki's comeback.”

WekiMeki is preparing to make a comeback by releasing images of "Coming Up" teaser, is currently preparing for the final stages for their comeback.

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