The group MONSTA X showed off their fresh visual like a spring.

MONSTA X has grabbed the spotlight by releasing videos of clean and fresh charms through the famous street culture brand "TONYMOLY."

In the released video, MONSTA X looks as a green and fresh spring, drawing smiles from viewers. MONSTA X has been completely transformed into a cosmetics model, focuses the eyes of those who see it as a pleasant and cute charm.

The video was specially showcased by MONSTA X as a "TONYOMOLY" model. It gives fans a pure and cute healing charm that they usually can't see on the stage, making fans even more excited.

MONSTA X has continued their global trend by making advertisements for cosmetics, recently completed their successful activities in Korea by completing the second part of its second full-length album "TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE", the title track "Alligator" and the first performance of their world tour in Seoul. they won both the Best Performance Award and the Artist of the Year award at the recent "The Fact Music Awards.”

MONSTA X continues their active global activities on the global stage.

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