Singer-songwriter Yoo Seung woo successfully made a surprise comeback to the music scene on May 8.

The agency Starship Entertainment posted a surprise image of Yoo Seung woo on their official SNS channel April 29, reporting the release of the new album.

The released Coming soon image shows a colorful background and the pure white T-shirt exudes a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere. Especially, the text "YU SEUNG WOO 2" is written on top of the T-shirt, drawing more attention, along with hints of a comeback, such as "COMING SON 2ND FULL LENGTH ALBUM" and "2019.05.08," which makes us more curious about the new album.

Since 2016, Yoo Seung woo has held his solo concert "The Sweetest Night" every year, gaining a reputation for success in branding the concert with a rich live band and passionate performances, and both music and performance have established themselves as attractive artists

Yoo Seung woo has built a unique world as a singer-songwriter, shows such a colorful musical spectrum without regret, will be featured in his first full-length album in five years, drawing attention to what sensibility and charm he will attract music fans.

Yoo Seung woo was stepping up his last-minute preparations ahead of the release of his new full-length album "YU SUNG WOO 2" and finally released it on May 8.

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