Boy group Golden Child will present gift to fans with their special single album ‘Spring Again’

The new song ‘Spring Again’ also contains messages of waiting and excitement as if waiting for spring to come after winter, but it also reciprocates fans' wait for member Hong Joo chan, who has not been active due to injury.

It is also known as the Golden Child's first season song, a special album that rewards fans for waiting for a long break, which is expected to receive enthusiastic response from fans.

Golden Child has "Complete" idol and modifier with their dynamic dance and outstanding singing ability, solidified their fan base in Korea and Japan, even before their officially debut, with two mini albums and single albums last year, proving its "great idol" down dignity. It also represents individuals' capabilities in their individual activities and is considered one of the most anticipated idol groups in 2019.

Golden Child's special single ‘Spring Again’ is released on various online music sites.

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