Singer-songwriter Yu Seung woo unveiled the track list of his new album in a surprise move.

The agency Starship Entertainment posted a track list image of Yu Seoung woo's new second full-length album "YU SUNG WOO 2" on their official SNS channel on May 1.

The released image shows a man wearing a white T-shirt, seems to be Yu Seung woo, in a fresh yellow background, drawing attention by creating a soft yet cozy atmosphere overall.

According to the track list, the album included a total of 10 songs including the title track "Still here," "Always," "When I was young," "Hometown," "You (Feat. Minseo)," "Tomorrow," "He Ha!" "The Wind," "Good Night" and "Dream."

The title track "Still here" is a song written and composed by himself, and is expected to reveal deeper and more mature appeal based on his unique acoustic and charming vocals.

Based on this, Yu Seung woo is expected to be able to boast his own musical spectrum that has become more colorful in his upcoming album "YU SUNG WOO 2."

Yu Seung woo released his second full-length album "YU SEUNG WOO 2" on May 8 and the title track "Still here" on the album.

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