Brand New Music's rookie boy group AB6IX will hold their first debut showcase "1ST EP [B:COMPLETE] SHOWCASE" at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park at 8 p.m. on May 22.

Even before their debut, AB6IX is considered the best in the music industry in 2019 by confirming the appearance on Mnet's "K-CON" and "2019 Dream Concert," heralded their full-fledged performance, starting with the showcase at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park.

Currently, AB6IX is preparing for their debut day and night, and they are working harder to make the final inspection with trembling and excitement to show their perfect performance to fans who always support them.

The agency Brand New Music said "AB6IX's debut is just around the corner. We will introduce official contents of our debut album 'B:COMPLETE' and reality programs that are aired every Thursday, as well as finished contents that can show our individuality and charm of AB6IX in sequence, so please give them a lots of love."

Tickets for AB6IX's first debut showcase "1ST EP [B:COMPLETE] SHOWCASE," confirmed their official debut date on May 22, opened  through the official reservation site Interpark ticket at 7 p.m. on May 2.

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