Mnet's Produce X 101 broadcasted the first episode at 11:00 p.m. on May 3.

▶ The National Producer Lee Dong Wook

Following Jang Keun suk of "Produce 101," BoA of "Produce 101 Season 2," and Lee Seung gi of "Produce 48," actor Lee Dong wook will be the head of the national producer in "Produce X 101." Lee Dong wook said after he became of the national producer "I also had time to practice for my dreams, I decided to appear because I wanted to cheer for the trainees because I knew how desperate they were to make their debut."

▶The Ability of the Avengers Trainers

Vocal trainers Lee Seok hoon, Shin Yu mi, rap trainer Cheetah, dance trainers Bae Yoon jung, Kwon Jae seung and Choi Young joon joined the troupe as the strongest trainer corps that who makes to grow trainees into global idols.

▶ 101 charming trainees.

In this season, many talented trainees who want to debut as a global idol band will also appear. In "Produce X 101 the beginning," which aired on April 26, the program introduced the trainees' outstanding skills and charm to focus the attention of the national producers. The trainees showcased sweet voice, quality dance skills across genres and power rapping that gives them more power raps than ever before, signaling that this season will give them fiercer competition and all-time performances.

The first episode of the Mnet's Produce X 101 broadcasted on May 3.

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