OH MY GIRL has transformed into a pink ballerina to show off their extreme beauty.

The agency, WM Entertainment released the second group teaser and three unit teasers of its first full-length album "The Fifth Season" through their official SNS channel At midnight on May 2, capturing the attention of fans.

In the released image, OH MY GIRL shows off their lovely yet elegant charm in a pink ballet suit and white shoes. which poses in the warm sunny window on spring days, has a distinctive girlish look as well as luxurious beauty.

It is expected that OH MY GIRL's deeper musical colors and quality music will be available, with the classic sound, including colorful and emotional orchestration and drum sounds, and well-melting the modern electronic dance music sound on top of it.

OH MY GIRL's first full-length album, 'The Fifth Season,' is released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on May 8.

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