Girl group WJSN Seola has been confirmed as the main character of a web drama.

The agency Starship Entertainment said “WJSN member Seola has been selected as the main character of a web drama” on May 2 

It will feature stories of ghosts hidden in school and pure love stories and will be aired on YouTube and other video platforms in May.

Seola said through her agency that "Since I appeared in the web drama for the first time in 2017, I only participated in the drama through OST. I'm very nervous about my acting and I'm looking forward to seeing something new. I'm doing my best, so please look forward to it”

The WJSN made a strong impression as a large-scale girl group with their debut in 2016 with "Mo Mo Mo," her dreamy concepts such as "I Wish," "Secret," "Dreams come true," "Save me Save you" and "La La Love" as well as a stage with colorful and bright energy. Recently, they have been active in second solo concert <Would you stay-Secret Box> and holding a fan meeting <WJ STATION> at Yonsei University's auditorium in Seoul on April 27.

The web drama starring Seola will be released through YouTube channels and various video platforms in May.

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