Infinite Nam Woo hyun's title song for his new album has been unveiled.

The agency Woollim Entertainment released a teaser video for the short version of "Hold On Me," the title track of Nam's third mini album "A New Journey," through their official SNS channel.

In the released video, Nam Woo hyun drew attention as various scenes from exotic backgrounds intersected. In addition, some of the title songs are based on background music, raising expectations for the new song, whose lyrics "Hold On Me" were released.

Nam Woo hyun's appearance, which predicted a new musical attempt in emotional ballads with a single verse of songs in the teaser, is expected to be enough to meet many public expectations .

Nam released his third mini album "A New Journey," featuring the title track "Hold On Me," at 6 p.m. on May 7, and began his music career in earnest.

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