Gummy's first-half nationwide tour concert "This is GUMMY" opened a full-fledged statement starting with the Cheongju.

"This is GUMMY," a first-half national tour concert of "God Gummy," which received much love from all over the country for its national tour concert "LIVE," was launched. Starting with the grand opening of the Seoul Arts Center in Cheongju on May 4, the Gummy will meet audiences in a total of 10 cities, including Jinju, Cheonan, Ulsan, Seongnam, Seoul, Busan, Changwon, Daegu and Jeju Island.

Gummy said, "We will start our national tour again in May. I had performed often, but this time I decided the title as "This is GUMMY" with the meaning of Gummy's BEST performance. I think we'll be singing a lot of hit songs and representative songs at this concert. It's not easy for a solo female singer to hold a national tour concert, but I sincerely thank the audience for always filling the seats," expressed her feelings ahead of a national tour concert.

The Gummy’s national tour concert "This is GUMMY," which features four stages of separation, was held at 6 p.m. on Saturday at Cheongju Arts Center.

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