The group's NU’EST unveiled a special comeback performance for the first time on Mnet's "M Countdown."

NU’EST made a splendid comeback on Mnet's "M Countdown" that aired on May 2, unveiled the song "Segno" along with the title track "BET BET" and "Hello," which was loved by many people, as well as performances featuring the diverse charms of NU’EST

Through the title track "BET BET," the highlight of the show, they dominated the stage with strong charisma and sexy features, capturing the eyes and ears of those who have added colorful performances and dynamic dances to their performance, and their powerful energy, as well as the visuals of the upgraded members, heated up the field.

In addition, through a special comeback interview, NU’EST delivered a variety of stories, including behind-the-scenes stories of its mini sixth album "Happily Ever After," which the members will tell, as well as expectations for the upcoming activities.

NU’EST has been receiving heated reactions from their first comeback stage, has been a global popularity mall that crosses the country and abroad, with the release of their sixth mini album on April 29, topping various online music and music charts and topping 13 countries on the K-pop iTunes top album chart.

After successfully completing his first comeback performance, NU’EST continuing active music broadcasts by performing the title track "BET BET" through KBS2's "Music Bank" on May 3.

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