iKON is appearing in a festival hosted by the famous hip-hop label 88rising.

iKON has confirmed their attendance at the HEAD IN THE CLOUDS FESTIVAL at Los Angeles State Historic Park on August 17.

The festival is an Asian hip-hop festival hosted by famous U.S. hip-hop label 88rising, which is also under way this year amid expectations from many fans thanks to its hot popularity last year.

U.S. music media Billboard also expressed their expectations for the stage by reporting on the icon's attendance at the festival.

iKON has proved their hot topic by participating in 'SXSW' by making the first festival performance in the U.S. Even before the show, the news of the iKON’s appearance was mentioned 79,000 times on social media, and had 255,400 participation rates, marking the largest number of Buzzs on "SXSW" social media.

iKON will perform for the second U.S. festival in five months after SXSW

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