Singer Eric Nam has started to prepare for his comeback by unveiling additional concept photo of his new song "Runaway",

Eric Nam posted a concept photo of his new digital single "Runaway" on his official SNS on May 3.

The released photo shows Eric Nam having a happy time against the backdrop of a beautiful beach. Eric Nam matches sunglasses with simple beachwear, is drawing attention as he shares an umbrella with his lover, creating a sweet atmosphere.

In another teaser, Eric Nam is staring straight at the camera against the backdrop of a dark night street. She emphasized her neat and trendy charm with white man-to-man T-shirts, shorts and red sneakers.

Unlike previous appearances that were chic and intense with the Dracula concept, this time you can see Eric Nam posing playfully with a cape over his head.

Eric Nam has sequentially unveiled his concept photo, raising expectations for his new song "Runaway."

Eric Nam released his new song "Runaway" on various music sites at 6 p.m. on May 8.

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