AB6IX's debut showcase has been sold out right after it opened.

Amid the debut showcase "1ST EP [B:COMPLETE] SHOWCASE" of Brand New Music's new boy band AB6IX at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park on May 22, the tickets were sold out in 30 seconds at the same time as the opening of the tickets on May 2, proving their explosive popularity.

AB6IX's showcase "1ST EP [B:COMPLETE] SHOWWCASE," which was opened exclusively through the reservation website Interpark Ticket, proved the underpower of the prestigious "2019 K-pop Super Rookie" by selling the front seats in just 30 seconds at the same time despite their first debut showcase that took place before starting full-fledged activities.

AB6IX had previously raised expectations for its debut with solid-story content complete by releasing photos of each member and group teaser and trailer images, further raising interest in AB6IX's move that follows the showcase sale.

Their agency Brand New music said "We sincerely appreciate all the fans who are sending us lots of attention and love even before their debut, and They are ready to show you more perfect music and performance, so please continue to look forward to them."

AB6IX is presenting its solo reality show "BRANDNEWBOYS" every Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on Mnet, released the music video for AB6IX full-length version of "HOLYWOOD" on April 22, confirming their official debut date with May 22 and starting its full-fledged debut countdown.

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