The group TXT unveiled the English version of Cat & Dog music and music video.

TXT released "Cat & Dog" music and music videos around the world on major music sites and YouTube on May 3.

"Cat & Dog" is a song from their debut album "Dream Chapter : STAR," which compares her desire to be together 24 hours a day while meeting someone to the relationship between pet and owner.

The upcoming "Cat & Dog" is a gift to fans ahead of TXT's first U.S. showcase. It is expected to be loved by fans around the world for easy and familiar approach to the sound.

In an earlier teaser released on May 2, TXT expressed the cute atmosphere of the song, showing gestures expressing dogs and cats on sets and structures reminiscent of Cat Tower. At the same time, it shows the height of boyishness amid its colorful charm.

Two months after their debut, TXT has sold out thier first world showcase and confirmed his appearance at the prestigious U.S. music festival, proving the power of "Global Super Rookie."

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