A concept photo of singer Eric Nam's new song "Runaway" has been released.

Eric Nam posted the concept for his new digital single "Runaway" on his official SNS on May 6.

n the teaser released, Eric Nam smiles at the camera. As if to represent a free-spirited young man, he has raised expectations by portraying his boyish appearance in casual attire and his signature light and energetic appearance in a pure and lively manner. Drawing attentions from the fans.

Especially, Eric Nam took the stage of "C Festival 2019" on the fifth and gave a surprise performance of his new song "Runaway" to the audience. Eric Nam filled the stage by himself with overflowing talents and leisurely performances, and the audience responded with enthusiastic cheers.

The title track "Runaway" is a pop genre with an addictive hook and a rhythmical melody, while Eric Nam is transformed into a man who dreams of a sweet deviation from his lover through the new song, showing a different look from his previous image.

As it is the first new song to be released in about seven months following "Miss You," which was released in October last year, Eric Nam has recently showcased cover content named "The Great Show" and "Eric nam's Playlist," and is meeting with fans on various platforms.

Eric Nam released his new song "Runaway" on various music sites at 6 p.m. on May 8.

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