Black Pink has proved their popularity on YouTube, setting a new record of over 300 million views in the shortest time in K-pop group history with the music video for "Kill This Love."

The music video for Black Pink's new EP album title track "KILL THIS LOVE" surpassed 300 million views on YouTube at 4:53 a.m. on May 7.

It was released at midnight on April 5 and recorded only four hours and 32 days. The pace is about twice as fast as the number of views on the music video of their previous mega hit "DDU DU DDU DU" (68 days based on 300 million views).

Along with Black Pink's new album activities, the increase in the number of views on music videos of existing hits has also caught fire as the North American tour progresses.

Including "Kill This Love," 700 million views, 500 million views, "Like the Last," "Boombayah," "Playing with a Fire" and "Whistle" (300 million views), Jennie's "SOLO" (200 million views), and "STAY" (100 million views).

Black Pink enjoyed being named the winner of the "Shorty Awards" music category at the global social media awards ceremony in New York the previous day. It is a growth worthy of that as it beat out world-class stars such as Post Malone and Harry Stiles, who were nominated together.

Currently, Black Pink is on a world tour, is recognized for their musical prowess and live stage as an artist as well as their popular popularity on social media.

Recently, "Kill This Love" made their debut on Billboard's main chart (Hot100, Billboard 200) and British Official Chart (Single Top 100), which are the world's two biggest music markets, for three weeks and four weeks, respectively, and made new records for K-pop girl group history.

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