Singer-songwriter Yu Seung woo has released a teaser video for the music video for his new song "Still Here"

The agency Starship Entertainment posted a teaser video for the music video of Yu Seung woo's title track "Still Here" on their official SNS and YouTube channel on May 6, which includes Yu Seung woo's second full-length album "YU SUNG WOO 2."

In the video clip released, Yu Seung woo appears in deep contemplation from a dreamy and sensuous background and focuses his attention. Yu seung woo looks lonely and sits still in a chair where a pink bird is leaving, giving off a strange vibe. At the end, a question mark is drawn with a pencil along with Yu Seung woo and blinks his eyes, to amplify the curiosity of fans.

Especially, the melody of the new song "Still Here," which was released briefly along with the video, features a richly harmonized instrument sound and adds curiosity to the new song by delivering a beautiful sentiment with an attractive chorus.

Yu Seung woo is set to release his second full-length album for the first time in five years, recently added to the expectations of Yu Seung woo's vote-sensitivity music by introducing a spoiler live song from the new album "YU SUNG WOO 2" on SNS.

Especially, the album is full of musical capacity as a singer-songwriter with Yu Seung woo's participation in writing and composing all songs, and will offer a wide musical spectrum with tracks of various colors, including duet songs.

Yu Seung woo released his second full-length album "YU SEUNG WOO 2" and the title track "Still Here" at 6 p.m. on various music sites on May 8.

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