Winner made a comeback with their new mini album "WE," which contains full members synergy.

YG Entertainment posted a teaser poster for Winner's album, which confirmed thier comeback on May 15, on their official blog at 1 p.m. on May 7.

The word 'WE' on the top of the teaser catches eye. The latest Winner mini-album, "WE," is an intuitive album that implies synergy that emerges when the four members, each with a distinct personality, come together as a group called WINNER, featuring another start and heavy commitment from "WINNER," which marks the fifth year of their debut this year.

Winner is determined to visit fans through their new mini album "WE" with "WINNER's unique Genre," which is impossible without Winner.

On the poster released, Winner boasts a comfortable and stylish look with "Beige," which is considered one of the latest trend colors. Each of the four members showed off their charm, staring at the camera with an identity of their own.

Winner solidified their unique world of music with his sophisticated music. It has released trendy music such as "Empty," "Sentimental," "REALLY REALLY," "LOVE ME LOVE ME," "EVERYDAY" and "MILLIONS."

Especially, they were loved by male idol groups through " REALLY REALLY" setting a milestone that surpassed 100 million streaming in a chart for the first time.

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