NCT 127 is on their first North American tour in 11 U.S. and Canadian cities, has successfully completed their Houston performance, following New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas and Phoenix.

The Houston performance of NCT 127's "NEO CITY: USA – The Origin" was held at SMART FINANCIAL CENTER on May 5 (local time) and was met with an explosive response from local fans, which once again inspired a strong interest in NCT 127.

During the concert, NCT 127 presented hits such as "Fire Truck," "Limitless," "Cherry Bomb," "TOUCH" and "Regular," as well as songs from their first full-length album, including "Come back," "Fly Away With Me," "City 127," and "Replay," and a total of 23 songs from their new songs to "Superhuman" and “Jet Lag” for about three hours.

Also, the audience filled with spectators actively enjoyed the performance, waving fan lights and presenting loud voices and cheering methods, while the members said, "I was moved by singing along throughout the performance, and I was encouraged by cheering and loud shouting.”

NCT 127 started their North American tour in Chicago on May 7 (local time) and will return with their new mini-album "NCT #127 WE ARE SUPERHUMAN" on May 24 after the tour.

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