Lim Ji min, the trainee of SBS' top three "The Fan," released the music video of his debut song in advance of his full-scale debut.

Lim Ji min from SBS' "The Fan" released his first single "MINI" on May 12, unveiled the music video of his solo debut song "Loveholic" at noon on May 10 before releasing the song, according to his agency PlayM Entertainment on May 8.

Lim Ji min confirmed the release of his music video two days earlier than the official date of his debut, is expected to make his debut after he heralds a sensational debut, starting with the release of refined sound and performance lines for his debut song "Loveholic"

With the music video for his debut song "Loveholic" released at noon on May 10, Lim Ji min released the music video for his first solo single "MINI" at 6 p.m. on May 12.

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