OH MY GIRL has opened a teaser for the music video for the new song "The Fifth Season," heralding their all-time comeback.

The agency WM Entertainment released the music video teaser for their first full-length album, "The Fifth Season," At midnight on the 7th, raising expectations for a comeback.

The released teaser video is the title track of the first full-length album, which is about 23 seconds short, but offers a sense of immersion in the movie with a story like a huge-scale movie that looks like it crosses reality and fantasy and fantasy.

As the lyrics "love for real" flow out in a languid way at the end of the clip, she is staring at something with a flustered look and a surprised look as if she had first noticed the feeling of love. OH MY GIRL members' more elegant visuals stand out.

The ending of the video captures the eyes of a lonely-flowered rose, as it awaits someone in the snow, and further amplifies the curiosity of those who see what kind of story the music video will unfold in the future on the main screen of the music video.

OH MY GIRL's first full-length album, "The Fifth Season," is set in classic sounds such as colorful yet emotional orchestration and a pounding, drum sound, which is a well-documented version of the modern electronic dance music sound on top of the album. OH MY GIRL's lovely and emotional vocals captivate your ears in a rich chorus, where you can meet OH MY GIRL's deeper musical colors and quality music.

OH MY GIRL's first full-length album, "The Fifth Season," is released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on May 8.

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