The group Teen Top held a special meeting with the fan club 'Angel.'

Teen Top held their official fan club Angel 7th fan meeting "ONLY FOR ANGEL" on May 11 and had a special time with fans.

Teen Top closed the Recruitment of their official fan club Angel 7th recruitment on April 29, conducted free fan meeting ticketing on the 7th Angel through YES24 on May 3.

The "ONLY FOR ANGEL" is a fan meeting only for the fan club "Angels," and Teen Top prepared a gift-like time for the fan club angel through a fan meeting poster released earlier.

Teen Top unveiled a new song at the fan meeting for the first time, giving a new gift to the fan club angel who waited for them for a long time. Also, a high-touch event for Angel was held to make unforgettable memories for fans.

Teen Top's fan meeting 'ONLY FOR ANGEL' was held on May 11.

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