The group GOT7 has drawn attention from the K-pop industry by announcing a schedule for their all-time 2019 world tour ahead of the comeback.

JYP Entertainment released videos and images featuring GOT7's schedule for the 2019 world tour on various SNS channels on JYP and GOT7 at midnight on May 8.

According to the image, the GOT7 will open the cover of the 2019 World Tour at the KSPO DOME Stadium in Seoul from June 15 and 16, under the title "GOT7 2019 WORLD TOUR KEEP SPINING."

In addition, the city name and the last phrase "AND MORE" that appears constantly in the video containing the enthusiasm of the GOT7's performance suggest additional performances in addition to the 17 cities that were unveiled in the first round, reflecting the global popularity of the GOT7.

Following the Seoul concert, the GOT7 will be held in Newark on June 27, Toronto on June 30, Dallas on July 3, Los Angeles on July 6, Oakland on July 10, Mexico City on July 13, Santiago on Aug. 16, Sydney on Aug. 22, Melbourne on Aug. 25, Hong Kong on Aug. 31 to Sept. 1, Amsterdam on Oct. 8, London on Oct 13, Berlin on Oct 16, Madrid on Oct. 16, Paris on on Oct. 19, Manila on Oct 26, also the Asia, North and South America and Europe, total 17 cities and 19 performances. In 2018, the GOT7 also met fans around the world on a world tour, giving off their unique charm.

GOT7 will release their new album "SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY" on the 20th and make their first comeback in 2019.

Before making their comeback, GOT7 is expected to communicate with fans by releasing various contents such as music, messages and visuals sequentially.

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