Brand New Music's rookie boy group AB6IX has unveiled the music video for their "HOLYWOOD" performance on the debut reality show "BRANDNEWBOYS," which was broadcast on Mnet.

Since "HOLYWOOD" is a meaningful song for AB6IX members as well as fans, everyone is portrayed doing their best for a better scene without showing signs of exhaustion despite the long shooting.

As AB6IX, it will also bring back memories of their first group pictorial. At the photo shoot scene, Lee Dae hwi turned into a reporter following a photographer, led the friendly atmosphere by interviewing the members, and it is said that the members perfectly managed the pictorial, moving back and forth between the cute and lovely atmosphere.

AB6IX is presenting its solo reality show "BRANDNEWBOYS" every Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on Mnet, successfully made their official debut date on May 22.

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