The group NU’EST has been making headlines day after day for their finished visual and sexy charisma, has won their first top spot on music shows eight years after their debut.

NU’EST announced a colorful comeback by releasing their sixth mini album on April 29, aired on May 8 at MBC Music 'Show! they grabbed the 1st spot with the title track "BET BET" at the same time as they comeback in the championship series.

On this day, NU'EST filled the stage with the title track "BET BET" from their new album as well as the track "Segno" from the album, which reveals their colorful appeal. First, through "Segno," they gave an eye-catching, dreamy atmosphere with their innocent visuals that seem to be dazed by the sweet tones of NU'EST, and in the title track "BET BET" stage, they performed flawless visual and visual suit perfectly and gave a powerful sexy performance that gave them an enthusiastic response.

Achievement of the No. 1 spot in music broadcasting eight years after their debut, their record is even more special because it is a meaningful feat that cannot be exchanged for anything that has been running silently for a long time and has a special meaning.

In addition, the music video of the mini-sixth album "BET BET" topped the 10 million view mark on a meaningful day when NU’EST topped the music show for the first time, making them realize their hot popularity once again.

NU’EST is making a comeback for the first time in about three years and focuses on its seven-piece well-made album, has topped the domestic music charts since the release of the new album, surpassed 220,000 copies in sales at the beginning of the album, and topped the weekly chart at the Hanteo chart (04.29-5.05).

NU’EST is continuing their active activities with the title track "BET BET" from its sixth mini album and successfully performed the splendid performances through Mnet's "M Countdown" on May 9.

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