[The Fact] What is the surprise gift prepared by her fan club ‘Miracle’ ?

FAN N STAR opened the birthday support for the group Oh My Girl Arin on May 24 It is a large advertising project to celebrate Arin, who will celebrate her birthday on June 18.

Arin's birthday event is conducted in cooperation with FAN N STAR and her fan club ‘Miracle’. Depending on the number of stars (points that fans can gather on the site) donated to the project, congratulatory ads will be posted at various locations.

The way to participate in the project is just simple: Miracle's hard-earned star is donated directly to Arin's birthday market and the application is complete. The number of applications is unlimited, and any fan can participate.

FAN N STAR successfully finished a birthday event for member YooA on Aug. 17 last year. It has attracted attention as it surpassed 100 percent due to the enthusiastic love of fans. In time for the YooA’s birthday in the same year, a congratulatory video was shown on an electronic display near Shin Okubo Station in Shinjuku, Tokyo, for a week.

It is expected that Arin's birthday project will succeed after the YooA

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