[The Fact] FAN N STAR is holding an ad support to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the group's SS501 debut.

FAN N STAR held an event celebrating the 14th anniversary of its SS501 debut on May 10. Currently, the project has surpassed 204 percent, grabbing the attention of fans.

The 14th anniversary event of SS501 debut can be joined by fans from home and abroad. Especially, the congratulatory messages written by fans will be added to the ad.

Participation in the event can be made at the Star Market section of the fan and star website. The plan is to donate the stars (a point that fans can gather on the site) to a project celebrating the 14th anniversary of the debut of SS501. Stars can be easily earned by doing various activities on the site.

More than 200 percent of the 14th anniversary project for SS501 has been completed, and the advertisement for CM Board at Hapjeong Station on Subway Line 2 in Seoul and SM Board at Gangnam Station has been confirmed.

Attention is focusing on whether the target figure will be able to be filled for the rest of the year with the event running through May 26.

SS501 is a five-member boy band composed of members Kim Hyun joong, Heo Young saeng, Kim Kyu jong, Park Jung min and Kim Hyung jun. they debuted in 2005 with the title track "Warning."

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