With Lim Jimin, a star produced by SBS' "The Fan," entering the countdown to his full-fledged debut, his outstanding performance is drawing attention.

The agency, Play M Entertainment released a video of Lim Jimin's choreography spoiler for his debut song "Don't be surprised" on an official SNS channel at noon on May 9.

Lim Jimin showed dynamic choreography, neat dance routines and charming facial expressions in the video for about 18 seconds, grabbing his attention with explosive energy at once. Lim Jimin's ungentlemanly dance skills and overflowing talent are causing a heated online response.

Lim Jimin was selected as one of the top three figures by drawing rave reviews from fan masters such as Yoo Hee yeol, BoA, Lee Sang min and Kim Eana when he appeared in "The Fan," and was proven early on his performance with stable singing ability.

Lim Jimin confirmed the release of his first single "MINI" on May 12, three months after the end of "The Fan." Marked as Lim Jimin's debut song, "Loveholic" is a dance song with a shaking heart of a boy trying to confess his love and a refined sound.

Lim Jimin's single "MINI" is available on Melon and other major music sites at 6 p.m. on May 12.

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